Friday, May 6, 2011

Great Deals for College Students

If you are a college student, then you know how important it is to find great deals at the most ridiculously inexpensive prices ever. You know what I’m talking about… the ones where you go around bragging to your friends about the steal you just got.

Besides the tuition, the bills, and other living costs, it’s hard to find cool items at the right price, but one website has got your back. CollegeBudget is a site founded especially for college students. Every day it’s got a new steal of deal! You can find items ranging from jewelry to athletic apparel, and iPods to dresses. What’s great is that most items are at least half off their original prices! If that’s not a good deal, then I want to know where you’re shopping.

All you have to do us sign up with CollegeBudget and click on whichever deal fancies you. You will then get a coupon that is worth whatever the deal was for. You may be asking how this is possible. Can it really be true? Can such wonderful student discounts exist? It is true because companies are ok with giving out a few discounts for the publicity that CollegeBudget provides, and the new customers who are referred. It’s a win, win, win situation. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check it out at the main CollegeBudget site or their Facebook page.


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  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I've been wrapped up in finishing up school myself. I definitely plan to write more posts in the near future.